SADRA operates to contribute in building a society and that embraces non-violence, peaceful methods of resolving conflict, using conflict transformation approaches in resolving differences.


The passing of Nelson Mandela who has been a struggle hero in South Africa and the continent brought memories to many in South Africa including myself of where we have been as a country, continent and the world before he went to prison and recognised that even though much has been achieved, we have a long way to go to achieve the dream of a free and prosperous continent. The sadness of Africa losing great leaders and many icons cannot be over stated.
SADRA's vision of capacity building, born out of this reflection, is about giving birth to more highly-skilled leaders as others vacate the space in order to bring light to Southern Africa.
The idea is to shine the light in the midst of darkness and bring hope.


Baobab Tree-001
The Baobab Tree: has for many generations been a gathering place where conflicting parties sit in its shade to engage in dialogue. Its majestic image embodies the best of African tradition in using non-violence as an approach to conflict transformation. this is why SADRA chose the Baobab as its logo to remind us of our role in providing a place where peace is made. SADRA’s Baobab tree logo symbolizes the seating and engaging in conflict transformation processes in the best of African tradition using non-violence as an approach. The Baobab tree symbolizes the importance of dialogue as a key aspect of conflict transformation.